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A Tour of Typefaces for Programmers

While looking for articles about doing programming on font files Google mostly found me people talking about typefaces for programmers. Jeff Atwood made a very nice gallery of rendered typefaces for folks to look at to help decide which typeface is best for them. I’ve been making do with the default fonts that xterm has selected for me, and this accidental find alerted me to an enhanced productivity opportunity.

While I quickly decided I needed to switch back to Monaco, for its excellent character distinction and near-proportional legibility while maintaining monospace metrics, Jeff concludes it’s ‘an unreadable mess’ and prefers the Microsoft typeface ‘Consolas’ which I find vertically-challenged and unnecessarily boxy (I wish both would render their symbols on the centerline rather than above the baseline, though). This just proves how great it is there’s a wide variety of typefaces for programmers.

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