BFC Computing, LLC is an open-computing consultancy specializing in Internet technologies, including: Internet security, blockchain, open source software, Internet standards, and hardware/software development on server, desktop, mobile, and embedded systems.

Some of our areas of specialization include:
* Digital Security (cryptography, TLS, system hardening, penetration testing, protocol design, firewalls, post-intrusion forensics, etc.)
* Embedded and special-purpose systems development
* Linux/BSD/AIX/Solaris systems configuration, administration, and automation (devops, Puppet, AFS/NFS/ZFS storage, etc.)
* High-availability / redundancy (fault-resistant systems, clustering, auto-fail-over networks, database replication, etc.)
* Independent compliance audits and assurance (PCI DSS, HIPAA, FIPS/NIST, etc.)
* Blockchain-based applications, including cryptocurrencies and smart-contract systems.
* High-reliability and challenging wireless networks (indoor, outdoor, rural broadband)
* Public and private cloud deployment and orchestration with local and remote monitoring and auto-recovery.
* Cost-effective computing solutions for startups (often VC-backed and/or IP heavy) and small businesses that need high-end performance and features.
* Open Source Licensing.

Please contact us at 855.SW.LIBRE or info@bfccomputing.com to schedule a consultation or to inquire about a cost-effective engagement.