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Anti-Glare iMac(mid-2007) Alternative

Playing connect-the-dots, we find that the iMac mid-2007 uses an LG PHILIPS LM201WE3 LCD panel (see
take-apart) which can be found in the LG L204WT monitor (says, priced at $249 at newegg, and according to Amazon has an anti-glare coating.

Hook that up to a new Mac Mini and perhaps a Logictech QuickCam Pro 9000 UVC webcam on top and you have an ugly contraption that will nonetheless allow you to get some work done if you’re near a window while still being nearly identical in component specs (the iMacs CPU has an edge in the high-end model).

All for $121 (plus shipping) more than the integrated iMac.

Oh, did I mention this is all because the new iMacs are all covered in glass and have ‘glare-type’ (industry term, really) screens? They say it’s because it’s more recyclable – I think it’s because the screens look alot better on display. In the real world they give people headaches and distort color reproduction to the point of being unusable for prepress work. We’ve been here before – PC Magazine would rave about the quality of anti-glare coatings on new montors – 20 years ago! (I started subscribing in 1985). Some people say they don’t notice/mind the glare. I envy them … well, not really.