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Apple iVideo Store on PlayStation 3

According to this page on the Sony website, the PlayStation 3 will Run Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger. The PS3 runs a Cell Processor, which is a PowerPC with the out-of-order and predictive-branching units taken out, and several vector processing units bolted on. This makes it great for media and RADAR applications, but poor for general purpose computing, due to the lack of branch prediction.

<p>Now, remember that Sony’s CEO was on stage with Steve Jobs back in January during the Keynote Speech at MacWorld.  When he proclaimed 2005 as The Year of HD.</p>
<p>Let’s see now, the PS3 is already going to be hooked up to the TV and the network, Apple is working feverishly to bring out the iVideo Store, the PS3 runs Tiger, the Mac Mini lacks essential high-quality video output, and they’re working on something big with Sony.</p>
<p>Let’s connect the very close dots with a big fat marker: The PlayStation 3 is the primary deployment platform for the Apple iVideo Store.</p>
<p>My biggest surprise is that Sony Music is busy holding up the iTunes Music Store in Australia because they want their music available in Windows Media Format, which iTunes doesn’t support.  It’s well-known that one branch of Sony doesn’t know what the other’s doing, but still, you’d think the CEO could get them to back off their new major partner.