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Blog Fork

I’ve setup a new blog Bill McGonigle’s Blog -or- Resigned to the Bittersweet Truth for personal blogging purposes. I write there:

Here you’ll find stuff on my other interests. It’s likely to be varied and unpredictable, and you might get politics, physics, humor, economics, building products, silly snapshots, family stories, philosophy or woodworking projects.

I’ll keep the technology stuff here, unless it really ought to not be here.

This should allow me to write about my other interests without people getting confused about what BFC Computing is.

Folks who have been reading this blog since the beginning might recognize the subtitle and look-and-feel from back when I ran a WordPress install here.

This new blog is now on Typo 5 and uses the rpg-royal theme, a patch for which I submitted to the TypoSphere Trac this evening for correct Firefox and Safari rendering.

If you want to read about some of my crazier ideas, please subscribe to the new blog. If computers is all you need, you’ll get that fill here.

As always, thanks for listening.