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Cellulon Laserkey – Geek Lust

The Cellulon LaserKey CL800BT is an input device designed for small portable computers. Like my Treo 650. It supports Bluetooth for input and lasts a decent amount of time on battery.

<p>Oh, yeah, and it projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface and lets you type away as if you had a full sized keyboard.  </p>
<p><center><img src=""></center></p>
<p>I can’t do much better than 3 characters per second on the Treo keyboard, which is less than half of my normal typing rate, so it’s a bit frustrating. </p>
<p>This isn’t something that you can clip to your BatBelt reasonably so it’s not ultra-portable, but the technology will start coming built-in to PDA’s eventually.  In the meantime, the LaserKey can alleviate the need for me to take my iBook along for all but the most serious computing needs.</p>
<p>It’s not being distributed in the US yet but you can order it for ~ $333 shipped from Europe from <a href="">Handit</a>.  I’m hoping when it comes to the US for distibution the price will be somewhat lower than the weak dollar allows an overseas purchase to ring up at.  I mean, the keyboard <i>should</i> be cheaper than the computer.</p>