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Comments Fixed

The comments should be fixed now. Sorry to those who tried and got a PHP error screen.

<p>For the interested: the Quentin theme I installed for WordPress had its own comments page.  The field names in the page had different cases than what’s in my database.  WordPress was designed on MySQL which on Intel is case-preserving/case-sensitive about column names, even though SQL doesn’t specify that (one of the MySQL gotchas).  So, porting some of these apps to postgres, which is down-casing can break things.  Just to make things interesting, the Mac version of mysql is case-preserving/case-insensitive (like HFS).  You can run your MySQL in a case-insensitive mode, which is a good thing to do to ensure portability and to let people write ‘textbook’ style SQL statements.  Or just run postgresql and be happy.