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Dartmouth Alumni E-Mail Secure IMAP

You can use secure IMAP to read your Dartmouth Alumni e-mail, though the pages on the alumni website don’t tell you how to do it (they limit instructions to the insecure POP3 protocol).

  • First, lookup the name of your mailserver here. Mine is – yours may be different or change some day.
  • Configure your IMAP server to use SSL for connections and to connect to the mailserver you found above. In AppleMail this is called ‘Incoming Mail Server’ and ‘Use SSL’ is a checkbox on the ‘Secure’ tab (in the account preferences).
  • For a username, you have to use your full name and class year. For instance, mine is William_P._McGonigle_95 – watch the periods and underscores. Your password is your password. Thanks to SSL that password is being sent encrypted.
  • Finally you want to configure an outgoing SMTP server. BlitzMail allows you to send through it if you’ve recently read your mail. So configure the same server name as you did before, but don’t turn on SSL or specify a username or password. Unfortunately this means your outgoing mail is sent unencrypted. Also, if you try to send before doing a ‘Get Mail’ you might get a ‘Relaying Denied’ message. Click ‘Get Mail’, even if you have no new mail, and then it will recognize you and let you send.