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Electronics Recycling This Saturday

It looks like ValleyNet is going to do electronics recycling again, this Saturday at the Montshire from 9-12. See their website for more info, and bring a truckload of your old power-eating beasties.

Hat tip: Anne.

UPDATE: I went on Saturday around 11 and there were about 10 cars in line. I had a PowerMac 7300 (XPostFacto just wasn’t cutting it) two keyboards, and an office wastebasket full of miscellaneous circuit boards and parts. $10, which was fair, and the recycler seems dedicated to responsible recycling. They unloaded right from the car, and off we went. The only way it could have been more painless was if the line was a bit shorter. The Prius in front of me nearly ran over the volunteer because he didn’t hear its engine.