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Fairpoint Deal Closer?

I got this in my e-mail over the weekend:

Dear Verizon New England Inc. Customer,

Pending approval of the Maine, Vermont & New Hampshire public utilities commissions, Verizon has agreed to transfer control of Verizon New England Inc. assets in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire to FairPoint Communications. After the transfer, your new local service provider will be FairPoint Communications. We currently expect that this transfer will occur between January 31 and May 1, 2008.

Beginning December 2007, Verizon will cease providing paper-free billing. It is Verizon’s current understanding that FairPoint Communications will reinstate paper-free billing at a future date.

It has been a pleasure serving you.


Meanwhile, the Valley News seems to be printing the IBEW talking points without analysis and, while paying lip service to the necessity of high speed Internet for regional economic viability, it completely ignores the white elephant in the room which is Verizon’s neglect of New Hampshire’s telco infrastructure and unwillingness to make further investment. They do point out that Vermont has more regulation on the telcos there, but one has to wonder why a New-Hampshire based newspaper would conveniently leave out mention of its own state’s problem.

1 thought on “Fairpoint Deal Closer?”

  1. As far as I know, the only hold up now it the fact that both NH and Maine have said, “Verizon’s price tag is too high”, and “this is happening too fast”. Verizon has responded that they will not budge on the price.

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