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Fedora 15 on an AMD Lynx (Llano) A6-3650

I’ve been working for a couple days to get a usable Fedora 15 instance on the AMD A6-3650 APU. I’m using MSI’s motherboard.

The biggest challenge is the integrated ATI HD 6550D graphics.

Download the latest .fc16 build of Linux 3.0 from koji for proper KMS (kernel mode setting) support. Then download the latest ATI Catalyst driver from AMD. The version in RPM Fusion isn’t new enough as of this writing, nor is the xorg-x11-drv-ati build in koji new enough (the PCI ID’s are in their git tree).

That’s enough to get the system up (oh, systemd, why don’t you give me any virtual consoles when X startup fails?).

I’m stuck at 1600×1200 resolution at the moment. This display does 1900×1200, so it’s blurry. I haven’t yet found a way around this.

Performance isn’t yet screaming ‘magical’ – on some tasks it’s faster than the Core2Quad it’s replacing (maybe the faster memory?) but on others it seems a bit slower. Probably not much is tuned for it yet – this is really early in the adoption curve.

Update 2011/08/21: Sound is now working with the 2.6.40 kernel update.  Haven’t tried graphics yet, as I put an nVidia card in the machine after having a shifted video problem I couldn’t resolve with the video.