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Fonality Astroturfing FreePBX?

Have a read here and boggle in disbelief.

I used to run Trixbox on my PBX; I started when it wasn’t a commercial product, and Tim did a great prezo on it for SLUG. When they required registration to run the software I became very uncomfortable. When I couldn’t administer my PBX one day because their server was down, I switched to Elastix, and I couldn’t be happier – I should have done it sooner; it’s a superior product.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, this behavior from Fonality is likely to knock you square off it. That Fonality relies so heavily on FreePBX only makes it so much more inconceivable. Assuming this is true, only the dismissal of the individual involved could regain any trust the community once had in Fonality.

Oh, and BTW, a FreePBX backup and restore makes it fairly simple to switch from Trixbox to Elastix.