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Invest in Forever Stamps?

Now that the US Post Office has announced the Forever Stamp some folks have begun to wonder if investing in Forever Stamps makes sense. I admit, the idea intrigued me, so I put together a Chart comparing the price of a First Class letter stamp vs. the S&P 500 (data source: Yahoo!) to put NeoOffice 2.1 through its paces.

Here’s the result:

Two conclusions were drawn from this exercise:
* The rate of return on the postage stamp is not as good as the S&P 500. However, the stamp rate is much less volatile over time.
* The Calc component of is just about as bad as Excel. There was no easy way I could find to add a title to a secondary Y-Axis (it’s cents, BTW) and what would have taken me 10 minutes in CricketGraph on a Mac SE in 1987 took me almost an hour in Calc.