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Some backend updates to should make the site somewhat better.

<p>I added a custom feed download from <a href="">Google News</a> which increases the story count by about 20%, towards the bottom of the list.  </p>
<p>Next, the Google News descriptions are being filtered through <a href="">Tidy</a> so they aren’t so horrible to work with or debug.  Google sure puts out some awful HTML.  Chance of <a href="">validation</a>: 0%.  HTML Tidy does character set translation which fixed up some display glyph problems.  And has its own unique configuration file format…</p>
<p>Finally, since I stand a chance of parsing the news summaries after they go though Tidy, I can exclude the links from the text the heuristics match, from which I’ve seen some false positives.  Currently all stories are relevant.</p>
<p>So, overall it’s incrementally better, with the worst problems zapped.   Next Up: Database backend so I can generate an RSS feed.</p>
<p>Oh, and I did some <a href="">PR</a> on it the other day.  Interesting process.</p>
<p>Now, for a survey: Google has some good filters in place to prevent people from abusing the AdWords system for Katrina-related searches.  In fact, the ad links are downright <i>useful</i>.  So, would it be crass to add AdWords to the site under the Red Cross banner?  Leave a comment if you have an opinion.