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LiteSwitch X fixes Mac OS X Window Pane behavior

One of the advantages of Mac OS has always been its treatment of applications as ‘Panes’ where all windows for an app switch to the front at once. This feature didn’t make it to Mac OS X, and it can be incredibly frustrating. Apple is moving most of its apps to a single-window model, I argue, because it’s so darn annoying.

The wait is over – LiteSwitch X, nominally a command-tab application switcher, has a feature to specify control over this behavior. There are four choices, so you should be happy no matter your preference, and on the odd occasion where the single-window model may have an advantage, you can change the behavior. One nice feature would be a meta-key option to change the behavior.

The application switcher seems to work fine too.

Ahhh. 🙂

[Update: forget it, this app introduces a painful latency into the whole system – it’s not worth it.]