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Mac OS X: Solaris Inside

WWDC prediction – hey, all the kids are doing it.

Solaris, Open Solaris.

Under Mac OS X. Briefly:

  • xnu/mach is really slow. Linux blows away OSX when threads are concerned. Solaris doesn’t have this problem
  • ZFS: Sun already announced that OSX will default to ZFS as its filesystem.
  • This is a Solaris technology.
  • Tested code is essential.
  • Steve Jobs doesn’t let anybody else give away the biggies. Just ZFS is therefore a minor part of the announcement.
  • DTrace: Looking on the ADC site, there are WWDC sessions on DTrace, another Solaris techonology
  • Nexenta is Ubuntu on OpenSolaris – proof that you can skin a kernel
  • OpenSolaris to go GPL3. Jonathan Schwartz has said as much, assuming he likes the final license
  • Here is a picture from the WWDC lobby. A Sun is behind OSX. Game, set, match.

2 thoughts on “Mac OS X: Solaris Inside”

  1. Yeah, except Schwartz appears to have pissed *someone* at Apple off as some of the Sun oriented sessions at WWDC have suddenly been taken off the agenda…

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