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Microsoft Offers Good Security Advice

Ted Roche points out over at Ted’s Radio WebLog that Microsoft has some good advice to offer about e-mail attachments.

<p>That’s right.  If a mail about hot horny asian babes comes in from your Grandmother, it’s probably just the Outlook Worm DuJour - don’t open the attachment.</p>
<p>If you get anything unexpected, especially if you have your e-mail client set to do something insane like hide filename extensions - call the person on the phone, or even send a simple reply inquiring about the attachment before attempting to open it.</p>
<p>Of course, there’s nothing to stop a worm from catching a ride on a legitimate outgoing attachment either, so even that’s not 100%.  Run <a href="">3 layers</a> of Anti-Everything software and run your Windows with its rollback features.