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My Last Mac

From today’s new Macbook announcement:

11:01AM Q: Concern about the glossy screens. Are you going to offer another option?
A: Steve: We're going all glass -- we won't offer another version.
Phil: You offset the reflection by the brightness, and consumers love it. One of the great things about a notebook is you can turn it however you want!

I’ve used a Mac laptop since 1992 as my primary machine and often find myself using it in situations where I can’t actually rearrange the furniture or move the windows (Phil apparently lives in an opaque bubble). So I’ve always ordered a Macbook Pro with a matte screen, because my brain simply can’t see through the glare. Some people can, my eyes don’t work that way.

Yeah, their marketing images actually
show the reflected keyboard

So, today marks the end of availability of new Macs I can use. Since OSX doesn’t run on other hardware (securely) this means I can’t plan on using OSX into the future. I’ll keep a machine around for media work in the short term, but it’s obvious I need to get as much of my work moved over to Linux as possible if I’m going to have hardware that’s current technology.

With Apple’s primary focus on the iPod/Phone market, its draconian tactics there, and its inability to deliver a stable next OS release this is merely the last straw (if it were the only problem I’d consider investing in custom coatings, etc.) Thanks, Apple, it’s been a fun 16 years.

Update: Not just me.