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New server

This blog is on a shiny (ok, flat black, really) new server, with much faster everything, and it’s a half-U low-power para-virtualized beta product I’m working on (more on that to come, now that I have room for pictures!). Just typing this it’s immediately apparent that there’s way more snappy (live preview with round-trips to the server) but there’s bound to be a bug or two somewhere. Please let me know if you see anything amiss.

As mentioned before, all BFC Computing servers are named for real-life heroes, and this one is no exception. is named for Brenda Stevens, a grandmother from Deerfield, N.H., who was killed when a tornado struck her home on July 24th and the building collapsed onto her. As the tornado destroyed her home she held onto her stepson’s baby boy, whom she was babysitting, long enough to keep him from sustaining any more than minor injuries. Mrs. Stevens didn’t survive, but her grandson lives due to her ultimate sacrifice.