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Palm Linux Phone Slips Another Year

Ouch. I was waiting until the end of the year to get a new phone since Palm had announced its linux-based phone would be out before Christmas. Today they announced they’ve slipped a year on that schedule. Bummer, they should have started on this back in ‘03 or ‘04 when Access (sp?) was trying to convince them to get off old the crumbly old PalmOS.

I can’t handle PalmOS for another year, it’s too creaky for what I want. Apple is committed to a closed platform. Nokia is pushing its phone as an open development platform and some feel passionately about it.

Feedback on the E90 welcome!

3 thoughts on “Palm Linux Phone Slips Another Year”

  1. Bill McGonigle

    OpenMoko is great, but only targeting GSM hardware at the moment, and I live in CDMA country.

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