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Polly Dog – 1996-2007

Sad news, friends – Polly had to be put down this morning. She’s been battling sudden-onset kidney disease for about six weeks and despite her best struggle it got the better of her. Until yesterday, she was still fighting through it and always had a bit of energy to chase a squirrel, run after a ball, or bark at Evil. She oversaw Emma’s birthday party last week and was retrieving sticks in Mascoma Lake just before that, but yesterday lost the use of her legs and she and I stayed up last night with her labored breathing which eventually turned into continuous seizures. She died just before 8 o’clock this morning with her whole family comforting her. Her ashes will be spread on our property at her favorite resting place.

She was a magnificent beast and the best friend a man could have. While we had planned to have several more years with her, we greatly value all the time we were honored to call her part of our family. She will be greatly missed.

Rest in peace, P-dog.

6 thoughts on “Polly Dog – 1996-2007”

  1. Robin and Andy

    We’re so sorry. We just know that she and Kookie are playing ball together right now.


    Sorry to hear this news. I know how hard it is. As I type this, Sir Woz the Wizard is sleeping next to me in my reclyner. My thoughts go out to you as you help comfort Emma.

  3. A beautiful eulogy to a faithful and devoted family member from her loving “dad”.
    Once the bitterness of her loss wanes, the thousands of wonderful memories will come flowing back. No time spent with a dog is ever wasted. We get back twice what we give.
    We are so sorry for your loss. We will never forget her!

  4. Tom and Janie

    Bill – so sorry to hear. It is tough to lose someone who always would provide joy and never ask for anything back. Know you will all miss her. Time will pass by but the memories will live on.

  5. My condolences to you and your family, Bill. Dogs are such a wonderful part of the family but are only with us for such a brief time. Treasure the memories.

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