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Root Filesystem with data=journal on Fedora

Did you ever do something 5 years ago and then totally forget how to do it and spend alot of time searching for how to do it again only to find it was blindingly simple?

Me neither. OK, yeah. At a former workplace I setup a cluster of linux boxes and a fleet of field units to boot their root partitions data=journal (full journaling mode for maximum data integrity) and I wanted to do it again on my server for better performance and resistance to hardware issues. Interesting aside: data=journal is slower in many cases, but in the case where you have lots of reads and writes all over your disk, it’s faster.

Anyway, enough blathering. On Fedora/RHEL machines all you need to do is edit your fstab, change the mount options (probably from ‘defaults’) to ‘data=journal’. Then make a new initrd image (ex: mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.2.5-15.img 2.2.5-15) and reboot.

That’s all there was to it. Either my Google-Fu is weak or nobody has this easily documented (most of the docs refer to LILO for mercy’s sake).