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RT4 Packages for EL7

I have some preliminary packages built for RT4 (aka Request Tracker), version 4.0.21 specifically, on EL7 (CentOS/RHEL/Redhat Enterprise) available here.  For now the 4.2 branch is considered not-quite-ready.  I’ve been running the 4.0.8 package successfully for a week or so and it’s been nice and stable.

You’ll need to get all the packages in RPMS/ for EL7.   Install EPEL first, to get the complement of required packages.  The SRPMS/ are there for anybody who wants to verify the binaries.

After install, look for the configuration in /etc/rt/ .

Ralf Corsepius gets credit for the packaging, I’m just doing EL7 builds (10 years of updates is appealing for a trouble ticket system!) and figuring out which Fedora packages we need to rebuild in EL7.  For the latest, check the bugzilla.   If the package review process stalls I’ll make a repo, but I’d rather see these in EPEL for better availability.

I haven’t tested 4.x extensively, but I have updated the BFC trouble ticket system to use this build, and the bugs that were keeping me from using RT3 are gone, so – onward.    Since I’m writing this, I’ll also put in kudos for Mail Redirect for Thunderbird, which really makes moving e-mails into RT work the way I need it to.