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Self-healing an OpenProject 503 Upgrade Error

If you have OpenProject set to auto-update, you may come in in the morning to a 503 error. For some reason the upgrade scripts don’t post-run the 'openproject configure‘ command necessary to complete the upgrade.

Here’s a short monit script that will notice the downtime and do the configure for you:

check host localhost-openproject with address
  start program = "/bin/systemctl start openproject"
  stop  program = "/bin/systemctl stop  openproject"
  if failed
    port 443
    protocol https
    status != 503
    with http headers [Host: "" ]
    for 10 cycles
    then exec "/usr/bin/openproject configure"
  if 3 restarts within 5 cycles then timeout

Fortunately the configure command then sets up the server as running, so you shouldn’t have to do anything else. The net effect is a few minutes of downtime on a version upgrade, which for us is acceptable at 6am.

Adapt the script for your specific needs.