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When you need expert assistance or advice, BFC Computing can provide you with consultants individually with more than two decades of experience to rapidly and confidently assist with your technology.  We provide on-site support in the Northern New England and Boston-area markets; we provide technology services remotely to clients anywhere.

Aside from the technical bits, we’re really about solving business problems.  We focus on understanding the business problem, working with the client to develop a solution, and ensuring that the solution meets their needs.   

We can work independently, as subcontractors, as a general contractor, at the direction of internal IT staff, or in a Rent-A-CIO functionality.  We can manage a project from requirements to delivery, or just focus on a small part.  We’re also available to help with assessments, testing, and second opinions when projects need to be set back on track.

Please contact us at 855.SW.LIBRE or to schedule a consultation or to inquire about a cost-effective engagement.

Standard billing is 5/10 Net 30 (5% discount if paid within 10 days, full amount due by 30 days).  The price for extended payment periods is 5% per week (please advise ahead of time).  All discounts are dependent on on-time payment.  Costs to collect late payments are the responsibility of the late payer.  The terms described at shall be the terms of record in lieu of a separate written contract.