Carrying the dish and mast up a very tall ladder in Plainfield.

BFC Computing has been helping Upper Valley residents with their tough rural broadband needs since 2004.

Currently we are helping people with Starlink installs. Starlink is a low-Earth-orbit high-speed satellite service being built by SpaceX that is currently in beta testing. In the Upper Valley we are currently seeing speeds up up to 160/40Mbps and latencies are around 35ms. There are no data caps at this time. The monthly fee is $99. It is not yet available at all locations and will only work with a good view of the North sky until later in 2021. Speeds are expected to increase to roughly 300Mbps by the end of 2021 and eventually to over 600Mbps. Shipping time on the hardware from SpaceX is approximately 4-6 weeks (once the equipment arrives we will schedule an installation).

BFC Computing has been working on the Plainfield Starlink project since June of 2020. We currently have over a dozen installs completed or underway on a wide variety of homes in the Upper Valley.

Note: BFC Computing is a local small-business computer consultancy, not SpaceX, and does not provide the Starlink service. SpaceX does not provide installation services nor does it recommend installers. BFC Computing receives neither commission nor recurring revenue for installations.

We are proving services for people who are not interested in doing a DIY installation. SpaceX currently charges approximately $600 for the Starlink “terminal” equipment. This a subsidized unit that costs about $2400 to manufacture. We can take care of the ordering for you if you’d like.

We currently offer two tiers of installation packages, Standard and Basic, described below. The fee schedule represents all of the required mounting hardware, equipment, supplies, and our services, which are separate from the SpaceX charges. Additional needs or modifications are available for a fair-priced feeā€”just ask!

Starlink Installation Fee Schedule

Pre-installation site visit to grade view, determine optimal location for mount, determine cable routing path.yesno
Installation with network engineer and assistantyesup to four man-hours
Heavy-duty galvanized gable end mount and heavy-gauge mast.yesyes
Painted mast to match Starlink equipmentyesno
Upgraded hardened steel lags.yesno
Wall Penetration‘L’ box for drip-loop, sealant and foamsealant-only
Cable tiesstainless steelplastic
Cable clamps for neat cable routingyesyes
Ethernet extension cables, as needed.yesyes
Heavy-duty shielded Ethernet cablesyesno
Sealant around interior cable penetrations.yesyes
Paintable grommets for interior cable penetrationsyesno
Integration with existing home network, if neededyesno
Post-installation WiFi site survey w/ signal measurement and analysisyesno
Network extension, as needed (typical-sized house).yesno
Post-installation Starlink connection quality measurement and statistical analysis; re-aiming if needed.yesno
Prices are subject to change and are based on a typical home. revised 2021-04-08

Download a copy of the User Disclosure to make sure we’re all on the same page.

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