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The Great Geek Takeover

The geeks are taking over society, re-making it in their own image.

“How’s this then?” you may ask.

Consider that reality is what you perceive. What you perceive is based on what you know.

So then, what is it that we know? It’s either what we’ve derived ourselves or what we’ve been told or read. Most of us learn far more from others than we figure out on our own.

These days, if an average person wants to know something, where do they turn? Some people go to the library, but most go to Google, or someplace more specific, like Wikipedia.

Now, to add to Wikipedia, you need to learn MediaWiki markup. Most people don’t want to learn this. Geeks have no problem diving in, so they do it. They build an encyclopedia based on their perceptions and biases. Consumers of Wikipedia believe it to be true. Not that Wikipedia is usually incorrect, but perceptions are formed based on what is included or not included.

How about Google? Google tells you what’s out there, and it’s ranked primarily by how many links are pointing to a particular article. Who makes links? The geeks do. Google is a ranking of what geeks think is important, to a large degree.

And, again, users of Google generally accept its rankings to be ‘good enough’ for their needs. They don’t usually ask, “but what else is true that Google hasn’t told me?”

From the blogosphere to major media, to presidential campaigns, much of what “true” is based on what is found online. And what is found online is what the geeks feel like putting there.

If the industrialists shaped the last century, the geeks are going to shape this one. Sit back, enjoy, and go have a look at what’s popular on YouTube today.