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Tools we use: WP CLI for managing WordPress from the command line

Tools we use: Open source tools we use at BFC Computing. Let us know if you'd like help moving to open source tools!

We run a bunch of WordPress sites. One of the best finds for managing them has been WP CLI (Command Line Interface). When we first installed it, we used it for writing a script to upload images to the WP media library from an email interface linked to the Pumpkin People site we developed. (Check it out: our town has wonderfully creative people who adorn our roads with all sorts of characters every October!)

WP CLI was also good for checking out information in the WP database, and deleting test posts and images during the development process.

Recently, we discovered they have added even more command-line options, making WP CLI even more powerful. Now it can also be used to manage plugins, themes, and more.

In addition to the one-off changes we might need to make to a single site, we are writing scripts with WP CLI to help us make all our WP sites more secure. It’s a game-changer!

WordPress is written in PHP, and is so vulnerable to hacks. With WP CLI, our out-of-band updates, a few security plugins we install on all our sites, and our segmentation of WP sites to each run under their own user so one site’s breach can’t affect another’s, we are finding it much easier to keep our WordPress sites safe.

If you’d like some WordPress help, or a place to host your site that’s proactive about security, you can contact us at