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Tools we use: Open scource tools we use at BFC Computing. Let us know if you'd like help moving to open source tools.
Tools we use

We use mainly open-source tools around home and for work. This series will feature software we use for various tasks we need to do. The first edition is on graphics tools, from the versatile GIMP, to what I’ll call a self-service design shop on the web, with an abundance of templates and design elements, many for free.

Stay tuned for future posts on topics like: Calendars, Communication, CRM, DevOps, Document sharing, Online mapping, Mail and mailing lists, Monitoring, Off-site Hosting, Storage, Task and project management, VPNs, and Web.

BFC Computing can help you switch to Open Source source solutions for your organization's needs.


What tools could help you work better? Do you want help installing, configuring, or learning how to use open source software? Let me know how I can help. Reasonable rates for consulting and tutoring.


Bonnie Scott
BFC Computing, LLC