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Very Small Terrorists Float

When will the Homeland Insanity stop? At this point, 1-year olds and 11-month-olds are being kept from boarding airplanes because their names are on the Do-Not-Fly list. AP: Babies Caught Up in ‘No-Fly’ Confusion.

<p>Now, I’ll concede a baby sure can be a terror on an airplane, but we’re not in imminent danger other than from the dreaded spitup.  Biowarfare, indeed.</p>
<p>Meanwhile, <i>real</i> intelligence suggests Al Qa’e'da is going to be using <a href=",,2087-1734148,00.html">oil tankers</a> next - same idea as the airplanes, except on the ground.</p>
<p>The Generals need to think horizontally, not vertically.