Why Low Power

Here’s why Intel is going after low power in its new Core line. At the Yahoo! Keynote at CES Intel CEO Paul Otellini showed off a viiv-powered dual-core palmtop entertainment device. That’s a 1.5+ GHz dual-core processor in that little thing.

<p><center><a href="http://bfccomputing.com/images/blog/intel-viiv-platform.mov"><img src="https://bfccomputing.com/images/blog/intel-viiv-platform.jpg" border="0"></a></center></p>
<p>Intel says a slightly bigger one is coming out this year (iTVS remote?) and this model is 1-2 years out.   Click the image for a vidbite from the Keynote. Yahoo CEO Terry Semel is in the other fellow in the video.